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One of the main activities of the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IEA GHG) is to undertake technical and economic evaluations of technology options for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. The technical options considered cover include all the major sectors where greenhouse gas emissions arise, which includes the: power generation, major industrial, transportation and building sectors. The technical options considered include the assessment of: individual technologies (e.g. retrofitting CO2 capture plants at existing power stations), and novel power generation cycles and potential future energy system options (e.g. the hydrogen economy). In addition, IEA GHG assesses the impact other mitigation actions can have, like those for the Non-CO2 greenhouse gases and put them in context with CO2 emission reduction actions.

IEA GHG evaluates the technologies using a transparent and consistent methodology that allows direct comparison of the technology options and other actions. In this way, IEA GHG provides objective information to its members. Such information can then be used by the policy making, industrial, scientific and academic communities. Through its research activities IEA GHG aims to identify key gaps in knowledge and promote activities to fill those gaps. Such activities can be undertaken by IEA GHG or by its members.

The technical evaluations completed by IEA GHG are provided as detailed technical reports to its members. These reports aim to increase knowledge about the role of mitigation policies but themselves do not undertake advocacy or policy making.

The Technical Reports are available to organisations in all member countried and to all sponsor organisation. Anybody interested in obtaining these reports should contact the programme office.

In addition, IEA GHG publishes the results of its work at various conferences around the world and in technical journals. In so-doing IEA GHG aims to disseminate summaries of the results of its work to a broader audience than just its membership. A list of published technical papers is provided for reference.

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