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Practical R, D&D

One of the strategic objectives of IEA GHG is to assist in moving technologies towards application. One way of doing this is by encouraging practical development and demonstration (R, D&D) projects. Practical R, D&D projects can play an important role in this area by helping to build confidence in technologies. Gaps and targets for practical R, D&D are often identified as a result of IEA GHG’s technical evaluation activities. IEA GHG does not itself have sufficient resources to fund practical R, D&D projects, but it can participate in these activities and in so doing gain an insight into the results obtained and feed this information back to its members and into its technical evaluation activities. In addition, in cases IEA GHG help facilitate the formations of research groups to work on specific research topics and or provide expert advice to the project once it is underway.

IEA GHG is involved in many practical R,D&D projects that are underway worldwide. Examples of these projects are illustrated below.

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Practical R, D&D




A comprehensive list of the projects and the services/activities that IEA GHG has and is provided elsewhere.

Details of all the Practical R,D&D projects on CO2 capture and storage that are underway worldwide are listed in a separate web site that IEA GHG has established. The website www.CO2captureandstorage.info can be found by following the link to the site.