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The IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IEA GHG) provides publicly available information through a number of channels on work related to its activities. These dissemination activities include a regular bimonthly newsletter and topical summary reports.

Greenhouse Issues

*Latest Issue*

The Greenhouse Issues newsletter is produced quarterly by IEA GHG (March, June, September and December). The newsletter has a circulation of 6500 copies in 110 countries. The newsletter aims to provide general information on new developments in the field of greenhouse gas abatement and mitigation. The newsletter provides details of IEA GHG’s activities and incorporates news from its member countries and disseminates them to a global audience.

The latest issue of Greenhouse Issues can be downloaded here.

An archive of key articles from the last two years is available here.

If you do not currently receive a copy of Greenhouse Issues but would like to do so, please contact us (mail@ieaghg.org). The newsletter is free and all we will need are your contact details and postal address to put you on our mailing list. Alternatively you can of course just read the latest issue on the web site. Please let us have your email address and we will send you an e-mail to let you know when the latest edition has been posted on the website.

Greenhouse Issues is aimed to be a topical newsletter for anybody working within the field of greenhouse gas mitigation. If you are interested in providing an article for reproduction in the newsletter please contact us with details (mail@ieaghg.org).

Annual Report

The IEA GHG Annual Report for 2004 has just been published. The report covers the fourth and final year of Phase 4 from 1st December 2003 to 30th November 2004.

Public summary reports

IEA GHG publishes a number of topical reports that aim to provide an overview of the state of knowledge on particular abatement technologies.

Currently available reports include:

IEA GHG Activities

Technical Evaluation

Practical R&D



Greenhouse Issues

  Conferences Diary 2005

Summary Reports

  Putting Carbon Back in the Ground
  Ocean Storage of CO2
  Hydrogen Today and Tomorrow



This report provides an overview of the technology for capture and underground storage of CO2. The report identifies the main opportunities for capturing CO2 and describes how this could be achieved in practise. The report also covers the key issues relating to the transmission and storage of CO2. Factors that could influence the introduction of the technology such as: environmental impacts , costs and efficiency are reviewed as well as the future prospects for the technology.

IEA GHG undertook a series of expert workshops that examined the state of knowledge about CO2 injection in the deep ocean. This report reviews the results of these workshops. It considers what research is needed to ensure that sufficient information becomes available to understand the potential benefits and consequences of ocean storage of CO2.

The production of hydrogen from fossil fuels as a transitional strategy taking us towards renewable-based hydrogen production is a topic that is now generating considerable interest. This report examines the technology that could allow this scenario to be implemented.

Copies of these reports can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate report cover or hard copies can be provided. If hard copy is required please contact the programme office (mail@ieaghg.org) with your mailing details.