History Of Online Gambling

Casinos are a favorite place of rest for millions of people. This kind of establishment gathers full houses, giving contemporaries a surprisingly interesting and exciting pastime. Online casinos like  Bizzo Casino also attract players with great games and bonuses. 

However, do not think that the casino entertains only the average twenty-first century. Gambling houses have existed for a long time. Their history is surprisingly rich and interesting. It is full of exciting events, many of which are still mysteries, kept within the walls of elite institutions in Europe and America.

Origins of casino

History Of Online Gambling

To say exactly where and when the first casino appeared is very difficult. Exact dating does not currently exist. Historians say that institutions that played gambling games existed in ancient Greece. In addition, the original analogs of modern casinos were in Rome. There are mentions of even more ancient gambling houses. Such institutions were common in the East, namely – in ancient China. The following references to casinos can be found in the history of the English Republic. In addition, gambling enthusiasts actively promoted their passion in France in Napoleonic times.

The first official mention of casinos on the European continent dates back to 1638. It was at this time in Venice was opened gambling establishment, called Ridotto. Its history is quite entertaining and unusual. The gambling house was created at the behest of the government. Very remarkable is the place where the casino was opened. It was the right wing of the Church of Moses. Not everyone could get into this gambling house. The stakes were so high that they were affordable only to representatives of the aristocracy. To limit the circle of visitors a strict dress code. Thus, ordinary people were not allowed to enter the casino.

The fact that gambling establishments can be well earned was known and the French government, in particular Cardinal Mazarin. Through the opening of casinos, he expected to significantly replenish the treasury of Louis 14. It is noteworthy that a serious innovation was introduced in France. It is here that the first gambling tables with roulette appear. The latter, according to various reports, was invented by Francois Blanc or Blaise Pascal. In 1780, it had already settled in all gambling houses of that time.

Since the nineteenth century, large casinos have appeared in many European countries. They begin to be visited by residents of England, Germany, and Italy. Half a century later, almost all of these gambling establishments were closed. Such events were associated with an active struggle of the government with gambling entertainment. However, little by little the gambling business rose from the ashes. Today it is legalized and taxed in many countries, making up the lion’s share of the GDP of many modern states.

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